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A World With You – By my boyfriend [Haru]

” A World With You ”

I don’t believe in destiny,
not love nor hope, just hate;
for all I felt was misery,
and then I lost my faith.

Though all of it changed in a blink,
it’s destiny, I knew;
our paths had crossed, and now I think
I am in love with you.

I’ve never felt like this before,
there’s nothing more I heed;
oh I just couldn’t ask for more,
you’re all the one I need.

I want to be the one who will
grow old with you someday;
it’s fine even we go through hell,
as long as you will stay.

My faithful love, for you my queen
for all eternity;
I hope someday I could live in
a world with you and me.

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Cute wallets

My bestfriend, Keyli, Gave us this cute wallet yesterday~ This is her gift to us when she came back here in the philippines~

I wanted to visit Japan too! >3< with my family and my boyfriend of course >3<


Teddy: Mine xP

Panda: Jackie Chan

Cat: Keyli

New Picture (3)